Post Graduate

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Suggestions for researching your career/ postgraduate course opportunities if you are an undergraduate/ graduate/ postgraduate

The Adult Educational Guidance and InformationService is designed to guide adults with a basic education through their opportunities to progress through learning. Undergraduate, graduates and postgraduates are referred to the careers service of their own higher education institution. Where your college does not have a careers service, please find below pointers on how you can research your opportunities independently.

  • The following websites should also be helpful:    – National Internship Scheme   Central processing of applications for admission to Post graduate courses in Ireland  –  Post Graduate courses in the U.K.   – Graduate Teacher Training Registry UK – search engine  – Free 3rd level part time courses available to graduates

In relation to funding for Post graduate course some links that might be helpful:-

Citizen Information website :

Postgraduate Study –

Tax relief on tuition fees – –