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As part of your career exploration it may be helpful to look at occupational profiles to gain a better understanding of what’s involved in a specific occupation and answer questions such as:

  • What would work be like in this occupation?
  • What qualifications do I need to work in certain occupations?
  • Will there be jobs in this occupation in the future?

We have compiled an alphabetical listing to search for careers information linked to some of the most frequently requested queries that come through our service:

Glossary of Careers

In addition to this information, there are online resources that are also helpful in learning more about specific career areas:

  • (Ireland’s National Career Guidance resource):   Over 1000 occupations across all career sectors are profiled; information is provided on typical tasks and activities undertaken in the position, skills required, salary information, various entry routes and the educational qualifications and pathways are outlined. Users can search directly for jobs in these occupations. Video profiles are also provided wherever possible.
  • (The official graduate careers website in Ireland): In-depth advice on key graduate career sectors, including specific application and interview tips, training and development information, and personal insights from graduate recruits, plus employers and jobs to search.
  • (Offers advice about careers and skills in England): Job profiles are organised into ‘job families’, which are different industry areas.
  • (provides careers advice and job and course opportunities to UK students and graduates): Approximately 400 job profiles which you can use to help you make an informed career choice and gain a better understanding of what’s involved in a wide range of jobs.