Special Needs Assistant

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Special Needs Assistants (SNA) are recruited specifically to assist in the care of pupils with a wide range of learning, physical or behavioural difficulties in an educational context. They may be appointed to a special school or a mainstream national school to assist school authorities in making suitable provision for a pupil or pupils with special care needs arising from a disability. The allocation of special needs assistant support may be made on a full or part-time basis (e.g. an hour or more per day), and may be shared by named pupils for whom such support has been allocated. Even though the minimum education requirements for the position are a QQI Level 3 major qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications or a minimum of three grade Ds in the Junior Certificate most SNA s usually have a QQI Level 5 Certificate In Special Needs or possibly childcare

Introductory Courses

QQI Level 5 Module – Understanding Special Needs at Waterford College of Further Education 10 weeks part time

Qualifying Courses

QQI Level 5 in Special Needs at Waterford College of Further Education CFE. 1 year full time

Website https://www.wwaegs.ie/course/special-needs-assistant/

QQI Level 5 in Childcare and Additional Needs at CTI Clonmel. 1 year full time

Website http://www.cti-clonmel.ie/childcare-and-additional-needs.html

QQI Level 5 in Special Needs at Carlow College of Further Education 1 Year full time

Website http://www.carlowife.ie/childcare-special-needs.aspx

QQI Level 5 Modules in Special Needs Assistant with Chevron Training. Online course delivery

Website http://www.chevrontraining.ie/special-needs-assistant-courses/index.html

QQI Level 5 Component Awards in Special Needs at the College of Progressive Education. Part time and distance learning options

Website http://www.progressivecollege.ie/sna-courses/

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