Forklift Truck Operator

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Forklift Truck Operator

The aim of the course is to provide the participants with the skills, knowledge and competencies to operate a Counterbalance Forklift Truck, safely and efficiently in accordance with the Manufacturers Guidelines and the Code of Practice for Forklift Truck Operators, as laid down in the 2005 Health Safety and Welfare at Work Act.

It will afford participants the opportunity to secure employment in industry as a Forklift Truck Operator.

1. State the relevant law regarding their place of work, i.e. the 2005 Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act and the approved Health Safety Authority Code of Practice for Forklift Truck Operation.

2. Identify the hazards associated with the use of Forklift Trucks and explain the need for safe work practices.

3. Assess and calculate the ability of the truck to lift items with various centre distances.

4. Perform a daily routine ‘start up’ maintenance check and complete the necessary Forklift Truck Drivers Inspection Report.

5. Demonstrate competence in stacking and destacking loads in a variety of contexts and manoeuvring the Counterbalance Forklift Truck forward and in reverse in a narrowly confined area. Demonstrate ability to make visual checks to ascertain the safety, soundness and rating of structures designed to receive loads, and place and remove loads on and from those structures at various heights.

Forklift Counterbalance Certificate (RTITB1)

Start Date: 26th of March

Duration: 3 full weeks

Location: Dungarvan

This is free for those in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance

Contact: Niamh Kuhne (Local Employment Service, Dungarvan) Tel: 058 45750


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Forklift Truck Operator
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Forklift Truck Operator
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