ECDL VERSION 6 – Evenings

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ECDL VERSION 6 – Evenings

The aim of this programme is to provide learners with the skills and related knowledge in the basic functions of a personal computer and in a range of software applications.

Topics Covered in this Module: Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Using Databases, Presentation Software.

Entry Requirements

  • Education: Course participants must have completed the Introduction to Computers, Preparation for ECDL or an equivalent course which included basic computer skills.
  • Aptitude: Good numerical and literacy skills are essential. Good written and verbal communications skills are desirable
  • Previous Experience: Have completed a pre ECDL course or have relevant PC experience

Course Content 

Title Award Awarding Body
Induction (Evenings)
New ECDL – Computer Essentials Computer Essentials v6 (ECDL6-01) ICS SKILLS
New ECDL – Online Essentials Online Essentials v6 (ECDL6-02) ICS SKILLS
New ECDL – Word Processing Word Processing v6 (ECDL6-03) ICS SKILLS
New ECDL Spreadsheets Spreadsheets v6 (ECDL6-04) ICS SKILLS
New ECDL – Using Databases Using Databases v6 (ECDL6-05) ICS SKILLS
New ECDL – Presentation Skills Presentation v6 (ECDL6-06) ICS SKILLS



Course Information

Course Information
  • Course Length 13 weeks
  • Start date 12/02/2018


ECDL VERSION 6 – Evenings
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ECDL VERSION 6 – Evenings
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