Databases with SQL

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Databases with SLQ is a part time six week course in Waterford Institute Technology.

This course is designed for students who wish to learn about databases and SQL. My SQL will be the database system used. Databases are used extensively throughout today’s business world. Big global names like Amazon, Google and Facebook, the small online store and software packages that companies use in order to process information, all need a database in order to store the information. In essence databases are an essential component of modern IT and online systems.On completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Understand how databases work
  • Understand data relationships
  • Understand ER diagrams and their construction
  • Build data models
  • Extensively use SQL to create, alter and modify tables
  • Extensively use SQL to insert, update, delete, select data
  • Use SQL to construct joins with multiple tables and multiple functions and conditions
  • Create a database from initial idea, data model through to completion using SQL
  • Query information from that database

Who will benefit from this course
Individuals who wish to pursue a course/career in web design, database modelling, general Information Technology or research students who wish to manage research data will find this course an enormous help. Those interested in forming a more complete web development training will find this database course is valid addition to any web design module that they have or will have undertaken.

Delivery 6 weeks, Tuesday 7-10pm
*Statement of attendance provided
Cost €250

This course is due to commence in September 2016.  Online applications will open on Wednesday, 1st June 2016.


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  • Address Waterford Institute Technology, Cork Rd, Waterford
  • Phone 051 302040
  • Category Computers and Software
  • Location Co. Waterford

Course Information

Course Information
  • Cost see above
  • Course Length 6 weeks
  • Start date September


Databases with SQL
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Databases with SQL
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