Chainsaw Operations

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Programme Content: Risk assessments, hazards and maintenance, Safety operations of a chainsaw, Timber under strain/ tensions and compression, Operators manual, Pre starting checks, Start and check the chainsaw, Crosscut timber, Storage, cleaning, sharpening and setting.

Programme Aim: This programme has been designed to enable participants to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out risk assessment for chainsaw operations including maintenance and sawing and be able to complete maintenance to the chainsaw. On completion participants will be able to outline the safe operation of a chainsaw during use including interpreting safety decals, safety devices fitted to the chainsaw and cross cutting operations and be capable of completing a number of chainsaw cutting techniques correctly and safety ensuring that the correct storage including cleaning, sharpening and setting is completed.

Specific Support Available

A range of accommodations and supports are possible according to specific needs. This programme comes with a very comprehensive manual as an excellent source of reference after the programme

Participants of this programme will:

 Understand the importance of health and safety when using a chainsaw

 Have the knowledge to identify and wear the correct PPE required

 Carry out safety checks to a chainsaw before use /start and check the chainsaw for correct operations

 Understand possible accidents that can happen when using a chainsaw

 Understand when a chainsaw is under pressure including tension and compression

 Be able to crosscut timber to required lengths including timber less the cutting bar length and greater.

 Understand the storage, cleaning, sharpening and setting of a chainsaw

Programme level This programme leads to a Level 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications
Progression and Credit Value This programme can be used as credits towards 5M3425 Forestry and 6M4337 Forestry This programme is worth 5 credits towards Major awards
Duration This programme will run for 3 /4 contact days depending on the project and will require participants to complete some work in their own time
Who should attend this course People seeking skills in or are looking to gain formal qualification in the correct use and maintenance in chainsaw operations
Required fluency in generic skills Learners entering a programme leading towards an award at Level 5 will usually be proficient at reading, drafting, preparing and understanding information across a broad range of topics, including quantitative information. Learners may solve predicable problems well, independently and as part of a group. Learners participate well in a chosen area of expertise, using a range of tools and procedures, responsibly and autonomously.
FETAC Assessment Participants who wish to achieve a FETAC Component Certificate must complete 60% Project and 40% Assignment
Resources Required in Order to Successfully Complete the Module Some personal learning / study time will be required from participants. Programme packs, Assessment Briefs and some equipment will be provided as a part of the programme
Specific Entry/Access & Exemptions required A learner seeking entry to a programme leading to awards at level 5 does not need a previous formal qualification. HCT would highly recommend that that learners have achieved some certification at Level 4 or have relevant work/


  • Address Sean Ryan, HCT Learning, Unit 2, Purcellsinch Bus. Pk., Dublin Rd., Kilkenny
  • Phone 056 7770761/086 0407565
  • Category Agri/Hort., Agri/Hort./ Animals
  • Location Co. Wexford

Course Information

Course Information
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Chainsaw Operations
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Chainsaw Operations
  • By Mary-Ruth Tobin
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