Business Management of Change

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Master of Business in the Management of Change is a 2 year part time course in Waterford Institute of Technology

About Change Management

We have entered a period of profound social, cultural and economic transformation. Expressions of this are taking place in the great international structural innovations which are occurring in politics, economics, industry and business. Change is also evident in the forms of organisation and in the speed with which new ideas become the basis for new industries here and overseas. A new socio economic model of development is being created which is making obsolete traditional visions of the political, cultural, economic and business possibilities of life. The purpose of this programme is to enable you as a leader in your organisation to initiate and address issues connected with change, complexity and innovation.

About the Programme

The programme places great emphasis on the psychology of the individual and the organisation, on the development of participant self-awareness and values, on successful organisational development approaches, and on the mastery of change management.

The workload

In the first year the course runs over one day per week (usually from 2pm to 10pm), an allowance which fully provides sufficient time for the taught element while at the same time minimises release for participants to a single half-day. In the second year there are a number of events in the action research process including a data collection colloquium, a network poster event, an international study trip and flexibly timetabled supervised meetings.

Action Research and Thesis

The thesis dissertation will involve the research and write up of a work related critical incident in the areas of organisational change or development. The action research projects and research topics selected by candidates should ideally be within their own work organisations. The thesis dissertation will also conform to the common dissertation policies and guidelines adopted for all postgraduate programmes. In addition to these guidelines participant research progress will be monitored and evaluated through the use of log- books that will be kept for the duration of the action research project and written-up by each individual participant.

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  • Address Waterford Institute Technology, Cork Rd, Waterford
  • Phone 051 302000
  • Category Business Studies and Management
  • Location Co. Waterford

Course Information

Course Information


Business Management of Change
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Business Management of Change
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