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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) 3 year full time course in Waterford Institute of Technology

What is the Bachelor of Arts (Hons)?

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) makes available to you a wide range of Humanities and Social Science subjects in a course that is comparable to Arts degrees nationally and worldwide.

Students of the course are encouraged to see the world anew through the study of subjects such as English Literature, Sociology, Irish and other Modern European Languages, Religious Studies, Psychology and others and, over a three year period, not only to develop expertise in two subjects areas but to develop a questioning and creative approach to the modern world.

The flexibility of mind formed in Liberal Arts graduates is highly valued by employers and the BA (Honours) opens many future opportunities to graduates.

What does the course aim to do?

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) course is about the biggest of questions: Who am I? What is Truth? What is Beauty? Does God exist? How do I do good in the world around me? What should I value?

This degree raises these and other questions through a range of subjects, core subjects in third-level education since ancient times and familiar from Liberal Arts courses the world over. Central to the degree is the opportunity for students to take new, innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to the student of these subjects. A distinguishing feature of this degree is the inclusion of interdisciplinary workshops throughout the programme that encourage and facilitate discussion, problem-solving and knowledge sharing.

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) invites students to develop expertise in two subject areas (one at Major level, one Minor). The development of a questioning mindset however is just as important and the degree facilitates the formation of such skills as critical and independent thinking, communication, problem-solving, and research—all skills highly valued by employers.

Unique Feature: The Interdisciplinary Seminar

The course takes an interdisciplinary approach and uniquely allows students from across all the subject areas work together in problem-solving seminars. This develops new perspectives on the subject areas as well as flexible approaches to problems and challenges. The BA (Hons) (International) version of the degree allows students to take a one-year placement abroad, including placement in partner colleges in the United States and Europe.

Personal Development

The subject of Arts degrees is human experience in all its dimensions; the very process of studying humanity involves personal change and development. Arts students at WIT are challenged to engage more with the culture and society surrounding them and, in doing so, not only to explore that world but also their own identities as individuals. The degree encourages the development of the whole person.

BA (Hons) International

The BA (Hons) International is a four-year version of the BA (Hons) course. Admission takes place in second year and students spend their third year studying at an approved partner university or third level institution abroad, before returning to complete their final year at WIT.

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  • Address Waterford Institute of Technology, Cork Road, Waterford
  • Phone 051 302000
  • Category Arts, Arts, Humanities
  • Location Co. Waterford

Course Information

Course Information


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