Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology

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Master of Science in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology is an 19mths full time course in Waterford Institute Technology

The Master of Science in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology provides the student with an in depth and comprehensive course of study in applied sport and exercise psychology designed to help enhance the sports participation and performance of athletes and coaches.  The overall aim of the course is to educate specialists in the field of Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology.  Graduates will have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to work in the area of enhancing sports performance, sports participation and best practice at a variety of age and performance levels. Graduates will have the ability to further the psychological development of athletes, coaches, teachers and other specialists from a broad-based, sound theoretical and applied course.  Applied sports psychology focuses on teaching skills to enhance athletic performance such as goal setting and imagery.  If you enjoy helping athletes and people achieve their full sporting and exercise potential, solving complex problems and working as part of a team, this field might be an ideal match for you.  The MSc has been designed to bridge the gap in the culture of Irish sport at all levels of development from introducing children to sport to elite performance.  Until now there has been an absence of opportunities for athletes, coaches, Physical Education teachers, Sports Science Graduates, Sports Leaders, Sports Development Officers, Volunteers and Exercise Specialists to upgrade knowledge and develop applied skills in the area of Sport Psychology.   A taught MSc offers graduates of sports science, recreation, physical education and psychology a pathway towards enhancing their professional development within the sports environment.

The aim of the MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology provides the graduates with the ability to:

  • Consult with athletes and teams with a view to providing psychological skills training appropriate to the individual and commensurate with their level of participation.
  • Consult with organizations, individuals and exercise professionals with regards to exercise psychology skills training and consultation.
  • Organise and operate workshops for coaches, teachers and exercise specialist in aspects of sport and exercise psychology.
  • Guide and advise clubs, schools, coaches, parents and athletes in the application of sport psychology theories and practices and assist NGBs in the area of planning and implementing policy relating to participation, performance and periodisation of the training from a psychological perspective.
  • Provide an arena for sports people to engage in reflective assessment of their involvement in sports, exercise and future developments.
  • Plan and conduct research in sport and exercise psychology.

Course Delivery

The programme is delivered through a blend of methods consisting of lectures, seminars, workshops, projects, e-learning and placement. The course is a full time course and lectures will run every Monday from 9 to 5 in semester 1 and 2.  Students must attend the residential weeks in each semester. Semester 3 also consists of 1 residential week and will be used to facilitate meetings with a personal portfolio supervisor.  A student who accumulates 60 credits in Semester 1 and 2 and who does not wish to complete the MSc may, at the discretion of the Programme Board, be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology.

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Course Information

Course Information


Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology
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Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology
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