Agricultural Mechanics

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In Wexford Golf Club, QQI Level 5, 5N1745 course which is expected to be running from the  over the winter months.

Agricultural Mechanics 5N1745: Programme Content
Mechanical principles, Diesel and petrol engines, Component systems of a tractor,  Fuels, Oils and grease lubrication,  Hand and power tools, Electrical Maintenance,  50 Hour and 500 Hour Services, Health and Safety

Programme Aim: This programme has been designed to enable participants to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to understand mechanical principles applied to engines, machines, hand and power tools including focus, torque, pressure, power, horsepower, gears and belt speed and to be able to make compassion between diesel and petrol engines. On completion participants will be able to describe the component system associated with a tractor engine being able to assess a range of fuel, oil and grease lubrication and use hand and power tools for nuts and bolts. Carrying out a range of basic electrical maintenance and performing 50 hour and 500 hour service

Specific Support Available

A range of accommodations and supports are possible according to specific needs. This programme comes with a very comprehensive manual as an excellent source of reference after the programme

Participants of this programme will:
Use hand and power tools for nuts and bolts, measuring and marking, cutting and punching, drilling, grinding and welding
Carry out basic electrical maintenance tasks including batteries, carbon brushes, fuses, bulbs, 13 amp plugs and 7 pin trailer plugs
Perform routine 50 hour and 500 hour tractor services in accordance with manufactures recommendations
Understand the difference between a diesel and petrol engine including fuel consumptions, power and torque / it advantages and disadvantages
Carry out tractor and workshop tasks effectively and in accordance with safety requirements

Programme level This programme leads to a Level 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications
Progression and Credit Value This programme is worth 10 credits towards a major award in Agriculture 5M2373
Duration This programme will run for 5 contact days depending on the project and will require participants to complete some work in their own time
Who should attend this course People seeking skills in or are looking to gain formal qualification in fixing and maintain agricultural machines
Required fluency in generic skills Learners entering a programme leading towards an award at Level 5 will usually be proficient at reading, drafting, preparing and understanding information across a broad range of topics, including quantitative information. Learners may solve predicable problems well, independently and as part of a group. Learners participate well in a chosen area of expertise, using a range of tools and procedures, responsibly and autonomously.
FETAC Assessment Participants who wish to achieve a FETAC Component Certificate must complete 60% Skills Demonstration and 40% Examination
Resources Required in Order to Successfully Complete the Module Some personal learning / study time will be required from participants. Programme packs, Assessment Briefs and some equipment will be provided as a part of the programme
Specific Entry/Access & Exemptions required A learner seeking entry to a programme leading to awards at level 5 does not need a previous formal qualification. HCT would highly recommend that that learners have achieved some certification at Level 4 or have relevant work/


  • Address Sean Ryan, HCT Learning, Unit 2, Purcellsinch Business Park, Dublin Road, Kilkenny
  • Phone 056 7770761/086 0407565
  • Category Agri/Hort., Agri/Hort./ Animals
  • Location Co. Wexford

Course Information

Course Information
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  • Start date ongoing


Agricultural Mechanics
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Agricultural Mechanics
  • By Mary-Ruth Tobin
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